Saturday, October 19, 2013

Congratulations ! Eleanor Catton for receiving the Man Booker Prize of Literature for the year 2013.

The Man-Booker Prize for Literature for 2013 has been awarded to Ms Eleanor Catton of New Zealand. She is the youngest writer ( 28 yrs ) ever to receive this prestigious award in the history of this award. She has been chosen for this award for her voluminous historical novel ' The Luminaries'. She will be the last of the recipients as a citizen of commonwealth, as this award shall be open to all from 2014. Till now the Man-Booker Prize is intended for the citizens of commonwealth, Ireland and Zimbaabve. This restriction shall be removed from next year, thereby this privilege shall not be available to the citizens of commonwealth. The said novel novel is huge in its size as it runs in 859 pages. The novel unfolds the true story which takes place in 1866 in New Zealand. A group of 12 men joined by a foreigner Walter moody go in for Gold Rush. The novel depicts the intrigues and the hidden agenda of each other of the group to collect the gold.
We congratulate Ms Eleanor Catton on this occasion.
M Venkateshwar.   

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