Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Performance of Indian Railways today

We have been independent since 1947 and we have projected on paper that we have achieved immense growth and development in the areas of public utility systems within our country. When we look at our Railways system, which is the largest governmental organization in India with more than 15 lakhs employees of all cadres, with thousands of miles of rail track, we are still lagging behind most of the developing countries. Our people are habituated to accept whatever is served to them, however the quality of service may be bad or even worse. Passenger amenities in our trains
are inadequate. Our coaches are designed in a very inconvenient way. In other countries
( Europe)
you dont find the side berths at all as that space is left for the passage of the commuters, to avoid congestion. In our country we do not have minimum common sense to ever imagine to leave that side space as passage. The wash room facility in each coach is inadequate to the number of passengers of the coach. NO one is ever thinking to improve this facility.Ministers change after every election and the new minister administers in his dictatorial way to spoil the existing system.
Worse among all other facilities is the catering service in the trasins. Ever since the railway ministry has out sourced the catering service to private contractors, it has become worse and the food they serve is not palatable. The quality is poorest and unhygenic. Cost wise also, it is enoprmously and unwantedly very expensive. The cost of the food/snack item does not match with the quality and the quantity. The vendor forces the buyer to buy the unwanted excess quantity/number of items as one unit for a very high cost which is unagreeable.In my view the Railways should restore the old ways of catering themselves, which may improve the quality of service and the food in the train.
Our Railway stations are not condusive to the old people. The over bridge concept in all our railway stations is an obselete way of crossing the rilway tracks.This is causing a tremendous strain and harressment to the senior citizens and physically challenged people. Indian Railways should plan to construct under ground passages with escelator/lift facilities on platforms.This is high time to think of such technological inovations in ourIndian Railway stations.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The verdict of the Indian electorate

The results of recently held elections for parliament and some the state assemblies have been an ey opener for the politicians and people in general. it is evident that now the electorate is matured and people know whom to vote. Earlier voters have been misguided and allured by the viles of politicals parties and they were forced to vote for the benefactors. For the first time, people of India have very discreetly showed that they can elect intelligently and wisely cutting acroos the issues of caste, color, religion and regionalism. They can elect a government which will be stable and which can better ht lives of people with scientific progress in all areas.They have taught a lesson to high headed politicians who have always tried to encash the emotional weakenss of masses, and who have been insulting fellow politicians and other poklitical parties ina cheap and unbecoming ways.
People of this great civilization have shown that they now can vote for the best among the available and people who have common sense to run the government.This is for the first time that the muscle power and money power could not play a decisive role in the formation of the government.
This election 2009 shall be remebered for the participation of youth to the maximum extent. The youth power has now become forceful. Younger generation is very conscious of evil and wisdom. Youth is always highly idealistic, therefore they do not succumb to any cojnfusions. There is clarity in their minds and so we have the positive result.
I wish to salute the youth and the people from villages, who have excercised their franchise so well and with so much of confidence. The future of our democracy is bright and hopeful.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Attack on Indian community in Australia

It is heart rendering to see the pathetic situation in an advanced democratic society, like that of Australian society, that such heinous and cowardly acts of human assaults are taking place. Is this a civilized culture of human beings, where people are attacked for no valid reasons ! This is not any war time situation, where racial hatred, may exist due to the political ambitions of the invader.
Indian youth is moving towards a safe destination to pursue higher studies to excel in academics, and that too on the invitation of of the Government of Australia. Should this kind of act be justified by any means ?
Where is Australian law enforcement agencies ? And what are they doing ? Will any civilized society accept this kind of inhuman insults, if inflicted on them.
I and many fellow Indians appreciate the gesture of our most beloved Amitabh Bachchan ji, who, without any further thought has returned the honorary Doctorate of Queensland University. He has rightly shown the high moral spirit of an fellow Indian, who crys for the safety of fellow Indians.We are all behind him.