Saturday, June 13, 2009

The verdict of the Indian electorate

The results of recently held elections for parliament and some the state assemblies have been an ey opener for the politicians and people in general. it is evident that now the electorate is matured and people know whom to vote. Earlier voters have been misguided and allured by the viles of politicals parties and they were forced to vote for the benefactors. For the first time, people of India have very discreetly showed that they can elect intelligently and wisely cutting acroos the issues of caste, color, religion and regionalism. They can elect a government which will be stable and which can better ht lives of people with scientific progress in all areas.They have taught a lesson to high headed politicians who have always tried to encash the emotional weakenss of masses, and who have been insulting fellow politicians and other poklitical parties ina cheap and unbecoming ways.
People of this great civilization have shown that they now can vote for the best among the available and people who have common sense to run the government.This is for the first time that the muscle power and money power could not play a decisive role in the formation of the government.
This election 2009 shall be remebered for the participation of youth to the maximum extent. The youth power has now become forceful. Younger generation is very conscious of evil and wisdom. Youth is always highly idealistic, therefore they do not succumb to any cojnfusions. There is clarity in their minds and so we have the positive result.
I wish to salute the youth and the people from villages, who have excercised their franchise so well and with so much of confidence. The future of our democracy is bright and hopeful.

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