Thursday, June 4, 2009

Attack on Indian community in Australia

It is heart rendering to see the pathetic situation in an advanced democratic society, like that of Australian society, that such heinous and cowardly acts of human assaults are taking place. Is this a civilized culture of human beings, where people are attacked for no valid reasons ! This is not any war time situation, where racial hatred, may exist due to the political ambitions of the invader.
Indian youth is moving towards a safe destination to pursue higher studies to excel in academics, and that too on the invitation of of the Government of Australia. Should this kind of act be justified by any means ?
Where is Australian law enforcement agencies ? And what are they doing ? Will any civilized society accept this kind of inhuman insults, if inflicted on them.
I and many fellow Indians appreciate the gesture of our most beloved Amitabh Bachchan ji, who, without any further thought has returned the honorary Doctorate of Queensland University. He has rightly shown the high moral spirit of an fellow Indian, who crys for the safety of fellow Indians.We are all behind him.

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