Thursday, September 17, 2009

' Cattle Class' - paradigm.

It is sad to note the unwanted comment made by Shashi Thorur, Minsiter for State, MEA, regarding the Economy class in the air travel in India. If he feels and feels strongly that the economy class in Indian air borne flights are all 'cattle class', then he should request the DGCA to issue directives to all Air Lines to abolish this so called Cattle Class ( Economy ) in their Air Crafts and create only Club/Business/First class accommodation and make the same available to all the air passengers, who travel in domestic sectors. How nice it would be to serve the nation in this way by upgrading the enitre fleet in the country. People will be ever grateful to the magnanimity of Shri Shashi Thorur, on this occasion. If this is not possible, why should he come out with thid kind of stuff. He may be greeted with appreceation for his elite expression, which obviously insults the spirit of Indians who largely travel or forced to travel in that so called 'Cattle Class' only, whioch offcourse is not uncomfortable, as the Honble minister is imagining. And his expression does not end here, he further continues the sentence by adding ' travelling with holy cows'. who are these so called holy cows, let him explain to the high command and the Prime Minister, and to the Nation.
Today nation is asking him a question, whether he agrees to what he has said ? If yes, is he ready to quit the cabinet ? and become a common man ? or is he ready to apologise for what he has said ? he seems to be frustrated to leave that five star Hotel at the behst of Finance Minister and High Command !! But this is not the way to release the fumes. He has committed a grave mistake. he should be more careful in future while reacting to his own situations.
Such politicians should be kept away from public, and should not be allowed to speak in public, because the do not know what they are speaking ! His observation/comment is unpardonable.


  1. Why is he calling a spade - a spade, today ? Because he has been asked to feel the touch of that spade today ? Why did he not realize the difficulties of those who have been and who are still traveling in this kind of facility. If a public representative feels the traveling conditions of a particular mode not suitable to him and then it should apply to each individual who is buying an air ticket and is forced to travel in such conditions. It is not simply calling a spade - a spade it is something more than that. I think it is the value system in which a person has faith and concern for others, not only for himself !

  2. well, i don't know if u noticed, but he did travel in economy class before the drive was put in force (so to say) by the Congress high command.

  3. I think this whole issue looks to be senseless and also intriguing to a certain extent.Our celebrities believe in creating controversies to attract the attention of people.They do this probably, knowingly, and they provoke to enjoy the criticism.After all they have that political immunity ( a cover ), where in nothing can destabilize them.Politicians in our country enjoy that level of freedom and comforts.

  4. aur aj maanneeyaa sonia ji kee phatkar ke sath cattle ka masla settle. [no phatka]!