Friday, July 31, 2009

Kargil War was emphatically won by Indian Army.

This is with reference to the article published in Deccan Chronicle dt 31 July 2009, by Balbir K Punj. The article reveals the true spirit of a victorious nation which has fought back valiantly and prevented the intrusion.We can not ignore the supreme sacrifice of our troups ( Army and Airforce). As it is rightly reminded by Mr Balbir K Punj, this is the occasion for India's celebrations in a big way. We should have honored the families of those who have given away their lives for the Nation. Why the celebrations be so luke warm importance when we have every right to rejoice and celebrate to acquint our younger generation with the heroic ddeds of our Armed forces. Kargil battle was not so easy one and we have proved again and again that no invader will be allowed to occupy any inch of our mother land. Why do we not celebrate at a national level instead of party level or only within the particular Army core. Why the Giovernment of India is silent. yes, We the citizens of India are entitled to know the reason for this kind of silence over our own victory. It is to demean the supreme sacrifice of our Jawans and it is an insult if do not recognise their valor. These are moments when India should take pride and be proudful.
It is sad thet we Indians always devide ourselves in to small fractions always and instead of uniting ourselves, we creatre divisions even in our achievements. We never behave as a notion, but like small groups of idealogical and political fractionists. If kargil War was won, it was by Indian soldiers and by the then ruling party NDA or any other party.We should learn to stand collectively in joys andd sorrows. When will we learn this ?

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