Thursday, July 30, 2009

Controvery over India Diplomacy

It is very unfortunate that our leaders in the parliament have raised the issue of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement at the India-Pakistan diplomatic talks held recently. opposition parties in the Parliament always forget that they are also part of the system and when it comes to foreign policy matters and dealing with foreign affairs, we all have to be with the PM, who so ever he or she is. We hae to be united in such matters and not send wrong signals to other countries
specially to a country like Pakistan, who is always watching us, day in and day out, through their intelligence system and their planted spies all over the country. They watch every word uttered within our country and Parliament, more so if it is on the subject of terrorism. It is unfortunate that our diplomates have utterly failed in delivering the goods. As per P.C.Alexander's observation (as appeared in DeccanChronicle ), our diplomates could not even draft the document properly and they have done it in great hurry, without proper preparation. Thereby comitting gross mistakes, which have led to the situation where in Pakistanis could create an issue of Baluchistan, from no where !!! It is our own loop-hole which they have caught and played agaisnt us, they have hit us by our own shoes. They have been very good at this art. And we are not careful. In my view, we have to support our leader, more in crisis and should not isolate him and effect assaults on him. We all have to shoulder the responsibility of success as well as failures some times.


  1. It's true. But, it was not only the opposition which raised the issue. It is the voice of all the countrymen and IT WILL BE, as long as the issue handling is not get corrected. As far as reaction is concerned it can be understood with the example the way u have reacted towards our politicians, system and complimented the effort of Mr. Bill Clinton in North Korea issue. Hence let any body watch and follow, whether it is opposition OR Govt., one should get bog down to the cheap and false play of tarnishing the nation's image. The voice is finally is treated as the strength of the nation.



    one should get bog down..... may be read as ONE SHOULD NOT GET BOG DOWN..........