Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A premium Central University without a Vice Chancellor for an year and The Government does not bother to appoint one !

The English and Foreign Languages University, established by an act of parliament with a vision to offer World Class Language and Literature teaching in English and Foreign Languages, is now facing a strangled death situation due to sheer negligence of the Ministry of HRD, which has the responcibility of providing infrau-structure as well as adequate teaching and Non-teaching staff. Unfortunately the Government has totally forgotten to take this university in to cognisense even to appoint a new Vice-Chancellor ever since the former Vice-Chancellor completed his tenure and relinquished office one year ago. Due to the Callous and careless attitude,the central government has driven the University in to total disarray and confusion, without any direction and total management failure. The day to day problems are increasing and sometimes the the very serious probles of grave nature have become very common. The University has come to a grinding halt without any developpment in the absence of a fulfledged Vice-Chancellor. The unrest among the Non-teaching staff has gone to the extent of frequent protests and strikes which brings the university administration to a grinding halt. Students problems are causing regular hinderence to the academic progress of the prestigious University. The development of infrastructure has come to a halt due to lack of decision making authority. New academic year is in the offing and the admission process is threatened due to dead-lock between the University authorities and the Non-teaching staff over an issue of excess payment and its recovery. The Incharge
Vice-Chancellor ( VC of MAANU ) has been very kind and considerate to look in to the situation and has been trying his best to sustain the regular activities of the University, but due to his preoccupations in his own University it becomes difficult for him to give full time to this newly established University, which demands a full time Vice-Chancellor of its own. There have often studetn's unrest due to various problems and also due to the effect of the ongoing agitation which has been spearheaded by the neighbouring University campus. The OU Campus exerts a lot of plolitical pressure on the EFL-U Campus in many ways which also becomes detrimental to the academic activities of the the University. One Year of vaccum without a regular vice-chancellor for such a premium istitution of national importance and of international recognition is pathetic and deplorable.The Government should act immediately on priority basis and appoint regualr vice-chancellor to bring back the university on to the track, so that the losses which have occured during the last one year may be compensated.

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  1. How can a headless Government be interested in appointing Head of an organisation? The Headless Minister is heading the number-jugglery panel of corruption.